I'm looking for team(s) to mentor

Over Skype or in the Denver area so long as I can get to you using the RTD public transit system (preferably the light rail lines only) or you can pick me up. No need to post here, you can contact me directly…

Skype: codysmith105
Email: Smith@Polynomic3D.com
Phone: Email me for my phone #, I don’t want to publically post it

I’m hoping to teach the following:

  • Programming in C, C++ or Java
  • Engineering concepts (CAD using Inventor or SolidWorks, design principles , etc)
  • VEX Robotics systems building tips, tricks and best practices
  • Pretty much everything there is to know about 3D animation

My background:

I’ve been with VEX since they broke off from FIRST, in fact I actually started robotics a year before that with the FTC game Quad Quandary. I became noticed during elevation when I received the first ever animation award and ended up placing well thanks to a strong alliance. I was offered a job (sort of) doing animation work for IFI, I went on to create three animations semi-professionally those being Clean Sweep, Swept Away and Round Up which I am most known for.

After Round Up things got pretty dark, a disagreement turned ugly and I left for a while. While I was officially “not involved with VEX” I actually was behind the scenes. I volunteered and ran three differant events during the Gateway season, although I wasn’t involved at all during Sack Attack.

During this time I was busy, dropping out of college, moving half way across the country, and laying the groundwork for my new freelancer life. I now work as a freelance 3D animator, web developer and programmer in the Denver area. Work has been great and I’ve never been happier doing exactly what I love (and getting paid some nice bank too).

But, alas I need more reasons to get out and figure mentoring a team might not be a terrible idea. I love teaching, and know a lot and I’ve been told that I’m good too. So the rest is up to you, my offer is out in the open.

If you have any questions or concerns just ask, I don’t bite (statistically speaking) -Cody

Wish I lived in Denver, some of our younger teams could certainly use some mentoring and I’m sure my team would benefit too. Good luck with your search, and finding something to get you active in the community and out of the house. Have you contacted your RECF representative to see if they could help you find teams?

That’s a good idea, but I prefer to have them come to me, I’m not really eager enough to start team hunting. I’m confident that someone here will contact me, quickly even.

I wasn’t just looking for local teams, Skype is always an option for anyone outside the small area around where I live. When it comes to Skype, I’d like to have a particular subject going in and keep it limited to say a one hour session. But I’m sure that’ll work for plenty of people. Idk whatever works. -Cody

This is actually going well, I’ve had four teams contact me and already had a programming session with a Canadian team last week.

We talked about PROS, working with encoder data and PID / control loop theory. We even touched on pointer arithmetic.

I had a blast.

One of the things that I found myself repeating over and over had more to do with my teaching style than anything else. I’m not here to tell a team how to do something or what to do next, nor am I here to build robots for people. Trust me I’m tired of the game and I’ve always embraced my high school team’s mantra that mentors do not interfere with the creative process of the kids nor their designs.

I’m here to suggest, to teach and to answer questions big or small. I’m trying to build confidence in teams just starting out and to empower teams who are developing into greatness and I want to do so without limiting myself to one particular team. So I’ve put out this open invitation to anyone here and intent to keep the door open this entire season.

So whatever, have a small question or concern? Just add me on Skype and send me a message or email me. It’s that simple.