I'm thankful for ... (2022 thread)

With the mess across Thanksgiving there wasn’t a time / place to put this. But now that we are back …

So here on the first of December looking towards the holiday season and the New Year, there is lots that we all have to be thankful for. Post your happy thoughts here

  • Thanks to all of my elementary school and library mentors for pulling thing together and heading us off to a new (if not late) season.

  • Thanks to all the parents that are the backbone of our clubs. I appreciate the 100’s of hours that you spend with us. Our competitions and our teams are better for it.

  • Thanks to all the solo mentors / coaches out there. It’s hard to do all of this alone, but here you are day after day after day doing this robotics thing for free. You are heros.

I want to call out all of the VEX fourm posters, but I’ll just say thank you @Sylvie and all the other people that make the VEX forum a place to learn and share robotics things. She can jump in with the list of her un-indicted co-conspirators. The mentors know who you are, thanks for your on topic posts.

Lastly, to our forum hosts, while he doesn’t do the day to day any more @DRow has been a beacon. But in full disclosure, I have a new grand munchkin coming in January so expect a new sub forum “Baby Builders”. And I have robot hats for the throwdown. :slight_smile:

Be well, be happy, be safe. Holidays are a tough time for lots of us. Families are weird, but I hope your VEX family will give you support.

Happy Holiday(s)


I’m thankful for Greg, and all my friends and family.
Greg is my robot.


I’m thankful for many things, but a notable one is the general kindness and acceptance of engineering community on the vex forum.


Thanks to my parents, for buying flex wheels when my school wouldn’t.
Thanks to Max, for modeling the bot
Thanks to Noah, for giving me info during matches.
Thanks to all the graduated seniors that taught me everything I know.
Thanks to this forum for keeping me entertained in class.


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I am grateful for the fact that I am able to Head Referee competitions and am learning how to set up and run events. plus the fact that forums is back cause i need those tournament manager threads


I’m thankful for all the people that have been supportive of my team and all the people who’ve helped me and my team get up and running this year:

  • Our mentor for being amazing during the early season tantrums
  • Our parents for getting us to school at 4 AM to go to a meet and for picking us up late at night
  • All the 344 teams for being supportive and helpful with robot designs etc
  • Team 14872A for being our first finals alliance partner
  • And all of you out on the forum, for being super helpful whenever questions are asked and whenever advice is needed :slight_smile:

I’m thankful for the people on my robotics team who have done so much for the team this year.

  • thankful for my robotics coach of 3 years who is always there for me and the team
  • for my parents who helped out at our competitions
  • my team for putting up with me as a new team captain
  • my family and friends
  • and of course, our robot

My heart goes out to all the volunteers and staff who run events, I appreciate your effort and time to make an event run smoothly.

I am especially grateful for those in Arizona, 18x18 and its volunteers and staff run tournaments with the utmost level of quality.

Huge thanks to everyone involved.


I am grateful for my organization, for having the resources and equipment to build the best robot I can.


I am thankful for all the good people in VEX who have made it possible for me and others to learn, grow, and feel safe in this community.


I am thankfull for my freinds who are allways there for me.

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Thankfully for….

My coach buying so many parts vex though he was a reseller

The amount of late nights my teammates pulled with me

The amount of help I have gotten from other teams


I am thankful for…

  • The new forum revamp [even though it was not made apparent we would still be able to use it in the beginning : ) ].
  • The moderation staff, what would we ever do without our posts having to be reviewed before they are made public!
  • The slight forum content change, quieting those who made the brave leap.
  • My coach, for always being there to guide and help us and keep us on track for tournament deadlines!
  • VEX, for shipping out all our parts slightly not in time for the next big rebuild!
  • And finally, my teammates for always being there for me and helping me build our wonderful robot.

Let’s all have a great winter break and a good rest of the season!


I’m thankful for my very dedicated and hard-working team for being able to pull together, learn to drive, and program a robot 10 days away from competition. Happy Holidays!

I’m thankful for our coach expanding our program to 5 teams and buying us pneumatics and flex wheels.


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