I'm working with the Vision Sensor and it won't download

Whenever I try to download the code I get the message “[error]: make process closed with exit code : 2” I don’t know what this means and have never seen it before.

Any help is appreciated

you need to provide the other error information that would have been shown before the build failed. It means you have errors in your code. For example I don’t see “Vision10_BLUESPIN” in the above screenshots as a signature, only “BLUESPIN”.


The Output menu

ok, so the error is “multiple definitions of Vision10”. you must have Vision10 defined in robot-config.c as well as the other header file you created.


Would that mean deleting it from the motor and sensor setup?

either configure in the graphical configuration, or use a separate vision header file, but not both.


I thought I had tried that but I guess I never built the code. Thanks