Inertial Sensor worth the investment?

I was wondering if the inertial sensor was worth the investment? We are a very young team and have basic coding skills.

If you are very inexperienced, it may be worth getting to experiment with, but maybe not integrate into the robot right away.

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I have seen other teams use the inertial sensor with a lot of success but if you are inexperienced and don’t know how to do PID the inertial sensor will be a little innacurate. If you use the built in smartdrive function turns will be plus or minus 2 degrees off of the target and most robots don’t instantly stop so if you code the robot to turn 90 degrees without PID it may turn 100 degrees. Even so you’ll probably be able to achieve decent accuracy and make a fairly consistent auton by making the chassis run at half speed.


I have used one this year, and first of all I will say it is about a thousand times better than the old gyroscopes. It doesn’t really drift at all on its own, and even when it is hit or shaken, doesn’t drift more than a degree or two in my experience. I think even for programmers who are new if they learn how to make the robot decelerate towards the end of the movement, they can have an extremely accurate system. Another option is just turning at a lower speed to avoid overshoot. Overall a great investment for my team, it made our turning code way more accurate and bulletproof than when we used two of the old gyroscopes and averaged their values.