has anyone ran across some info about next years game

THE GDC does a pretty good job at keeping secrets. I remember before Nothing but Net was announced, there was a mention of tetrahedrons (triangular pyramids). So many teams were discussing how they were going to pick them up. Turns out the tetrahedrons were the pyramids of balls on the field. Personally, I prefer to wait to find out at the reveal, preferably in person because that means at least one of my teams has qualified for Worlds.

As someone who was in the know on Round Up for about a month prior to the world championship, please don’t ask these things. It’s against the spirit of the game and can potentially get people into really deep trouble.

Part of the fun of the world championship, in fact something that I personally most looked forward to is/was the new game reveal.

However speculation on the new water game is always quite fun, glad the GDC finally figured out a cheap way to modify the perimeter to be watertight.

from the looks of info those break away barnsides may be some kind of goal and the ramp probs sperate the field like in toss up as for the the game objects them self idk

Well we know it’s going to be a ball game. There is a VERY long trend of every other year involving balls as game objects.

there maybe some sort of skinny vertical goal if there is balls but i would like to see a combo of sky rise and nbn

The NBN balls float so they might reuse those…

It’s a ball game, and it’s going to have alliance versus alliance interaction. I’m guessing a parking bonus of some sort since that’s been missing from the games for a couple years now.

any ideas on a field set up

I said this before, but it’ll be whatever floats your boat, if you get my drift.

Yeah, this is a lot like opening your Christmas presents early. Its fun to guess what the game might be, but id hate it if there truly were leaks.

How do we know it’s going to be a water game?

There haven’t been any leaks.


Skinny vertical goal was done in Toss Up, unless you’re talking EXTREMELY skinny.

I don’t understand, what would a combination of Skyrise and Nothing But Net look like?

Imagine Skyrise, but with an 18" height restriction.

Or better yet, Skyrise, but with a Toss Up style artificial height restriction.

I’d like to see a game where the scoring objects have to be properly oriented to fit in the goals.

I’d be shocked if they didn’t have NDAs for game releases.

With that said, I’m reasonably sure next year’s game won’t be one of mass storage or maximizing what you can carry like the last 2. I think we’re going to get a more precision based ball game.

Interesting, I’m thinking a precision-based game that does not have balls.

So, hanging from a pole or being lifted by your alliance partner aren’t “parking bonuses”?

It’s interesting how the game reaveal was moved from Friday night to Saturday night during finals.