"Injustice" at the CREATE US Open

Recently, the integrity of the 2019 C.R.E.A.T.E US Open has come into question - especially in regard to 315G and 9605A during eliminations. To remove any doubt of underlying bias, I’ll make it clear that I am not associated with either team or organization in any manner. Refusing to change the outcome of a match despite widespread agreement amongst students, referees, and spectators seems to directly contradict the definition of a championship, which is to fairly and directly determine a champion. While we understand that there may be rules against the changing of the rules, the fact is that this was fundamentally wrong.

vex iq general discussion? seems like chit chat or vrc discussion

I would recommend that you explain what you believe happened instead of simply claiming injustice with no context.

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Are you able to provide any more details? You basically told us nothing about what happened…

This isn’t going anywhere. Also, CREATE is not owned or operated by RECF or VEX, so nothing said on this forum will do anything, even if 100% of the users are in agreement (which they are not).

This is likley to start something similar to 448x’s “Injustice in the RECF” thread. No one wants that. I saw the discussion in the discord. This post was planned out ahead of time in the discord. It is just meant to stir up trouble. @DRow might check the IP address of OP, to find out who made the throwaway account.

I flagged this post for moderation. Note that I didn’t flag it as spam. If I did that, the post would be hidden (because I’m in TL3, and OP is TL0). I flagged it for moderation, which means that a moderator is gonna take a look at it.

Check OP’s username if you doubt my claim


I would not have flagged it since there is not sufficient details to make a determination.

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I flagged it for moderation, which means that I’m asking one of the moderators to come take a look to decide what to do.

@lacsap check OP’s username

I take no position based on usernames - there was a debate about that last season. I am familiar with one of the teams in question and have heard nothing on this. As for discord - I am not a member, so I am not sure what is discussed there.

Right now I would take it at face value, there is unhappiness with the outcome of that match. Without details, hard to formulate a point of view.

But the moderators are good!


@lacsap Thank you for trying to be impartial, I do also agree that this is an issue for the moderators, who have more than proven to be great at handling this type of situation.

@VEX_Justice please refrain from posting these types of things, obviously, this is an issue if this was intended to sow discord and if this was premeditated. Please review the forum rules, this also would be perfectly acceptable if discord was not your intention and you wanted to simply make others aware of an issue by putting forward facts.


@DRow Can you lock this thread? As one of the participants in this match, nothing good is gonna come out of this.


Even if its a mistake that did or didnt exist, we must remember that the referees are just as human as we are. They will inevitably make mistakes, and you should hold your horses before lashing out about the entire event.


well said.

and much appreciated as an EP, and team advisor…


Agreed that this was mostly intended to stir up trouble and controversy. Let’s just stop posting and not let that happen.

If this was a legitimate post intended for civil discussion, and we are all being needlessly hostile, please say so. I understand the controversy behind that match, but I don’t really want to support intentional dividing of the community asked on such events. When someone involved says that this conversation isn’t going to go anywhere, it’s probably best just to let it die.


I agree, this thread is going nowhere.
@DRow can open up again if he feels that’s appropriate.