Inspecting Multiple Configurations (Rule R2 Question)

Our team has multiple claws, one we use during autonomous runs and one we use during Driver Skill/Teamwork runs, based on the response from the following thread in the Official Q&A:…=1518562996273

Knowing that we have to be re-inspected when we change claws (and that most venues aren’t set up to reinspect during the tournament, just at the beginning), can we have both/all configurations of our robot inspected at the start of the tournament, and then swap out when we need to?

How have Events / State Tournaments handled re-inspections?

Just get inspected in all configurations at your initial inspection

Have the inspectors indicate on the inspection form that it was inspected in multiple configurations.

Last year I ran an event where one team had multiple “claws” and they were all inspected before the event. Someone complained that changing claws was a violation. When they were told that was not (by a team member quoting the rules), they complained that the robot was not inspected after every change and before every match.

I told them the robot did not appear on the field in an uninspected configuration. They complained that the inspection sheet did not show more than one inspection.

They made a big deal about it, when the team had done a good job of following the rules.

Kindly ask the inspectors to note multiple configurations.