Inspire Award!

I had suggested the re-innovate award From the email blast and the new awards guide:

Inspire Award
The Inspire Award will be given to a team that demonstrates outstanding leadership through action to other teams. This team will be identified by their peers as a leader in innovative and creative design in the robotics community. This team serves as an example to others and embraces the concept of cooperative learning. Cooperative Learning will be based on inspiring other teams’ designs or openly sharing their design ideas with others. While local/regional events are permitted to give this award, it will be given primarily at the World Championship. **In order for a team to be eligible for this award, they must post their design ideas throughout the season on the VEX Forum. Teams will be given stronger consideration based on how early and often they post their designs. **The Judging panel will interview potential recipients (at World Championship), based on the nominations through team balloting, and choose the team that stands out as the most worthy recipient.
Key Criteria:

  1. Proven record of posting design features at the VEX Forum
  2. Pictures and content posted at VEX Forum
  3. Nominations from other teams
  4. Observations of design inspiration by referees and other field personnel

Thanks RECF!!! (Much better name than mine).

I’m going to work out some logistics with our judging teams to see if we can get this awards out from some of our regionals here in Pennsylvania.

Feedback from the VEX forum (including Foster), VRC judges, and comments from students led to this new award. We hope you all appreciate it.

So is a team that posts a borrowed design at the same time as a new, original design given the same amount of credit? Will citations of design ideas be necessary or do team nominations act as citations? Will the date of the team’s first event vs. the dates of events in the area be taken into consideration? I’m always a bit wary of what information gets passed around on forums, so I’m very curious as to how this award will actually be judged. That being said, I love the concept of this award, hopefully it will put an end to some of the secrecy with all teams throughout the season. I can’t wait to give a few out!

This is one of the best award ideas I’ve seen in awhile.

I don’t think that the particulars of the award will ever come down to whether or not a single design picture was posted within a day or two of another. I think the winner of the award will probably be a team notable for posting a lot of designs and ideas and, more importantly, answering questions about them. 357 is the example that comes to mind right away.

Depending on the scope of adoption, it would be very very cool if this award auto qualified you for the next World Championship, but I can understand if that won’t be the case.

I just can’t resist …

Pretty sweet. Maybe I get to take home the first one? April 29, 2010 :smiley: & :wink:

Seriously, earning this - without explicitly campaigning to receive it! - would be the high point of a season for me (if I were a young lad or lass on a team instead of an old coot).

In my opinion, this is an award that you want to “find you”, not one you want to chase. Do the right things and you won’t have to chase it (and you might find that the journey is far more satisfying than the destination).


VEXACTLY! :rolleyes: I’ve been talking to Andrew, our lead judge, about the next few PA events. He and I are trying to work out logistics on how to do the selection and how to manage the case(s) where it’s a remote team that has presented the internal details of their robot that other’s have used. I’m up for sending the award to them (and I’m looking at you “we didn’t write it down, our webcams are broken, the lighting at the event was bad, umm the dog ate our engineering books” teams (and I’m not mentioning roboteers from countries or states with “New” in their names)) He’s going to put in the rubric where the ideas came from and try to see if it’s local inspire or remote.

At this point we’ve had three Round Up events (Bridgewater, Chichester, DC Knights) and there have been lots of very cool robots there that our kids have been excited about.

I agree with Blake, it would be a super cool award to win.

You have to be there to win. We’ve offered the VEX “Old Coot Inspiration Award” at two events, you and some guy named TYler were mentioned, but were not at the events. Next one is at Downingtown on 20 November, make sure you check in at registration…

Coming to Downingtown on 19 March? Were you inspired by a robot design this year? Did you change and/or improve your robot based on someone’s snorkel, claw, drive base, programming, ring removal? Or maybe something you saw on YouTube or the VEX forum? If so send the top three to me (click my name above). We need the following: Team name or number and what inspired you, and what you changed. For example:

    * Team 1640 : their amazing 6 wheel drive with all omni's : made the center wheel a regular wheel
    * Team 23F : double claw that holds 5 rings : no changes
    * Team 11: auto routine that follows the lines to the wall goals: no changes

We will be awarding the Inspiration Award at our last event for Round Up on 19 March. Winning Teams do not need to be present to win (so if you implemented or adapted an idea from a China team Youtube Video, submit them!) Submitting teams do need to attend!

We have a couple teams that we would like to nominate for Worlds–does anyone know how/where we can submit? Or will the team have to wait to get there? I also think it would be neat if a list or “tree” of all the nominated teams were posted somewhere (perhaps online), so that the many teams that contributed but didn’t win the award are recognized. And is there a way that teams that don’t go to Worlds can submit nominations and/or be recognized?

I’ll get back to all of you on the forum about this soon.

Hopefully any official information will be put in the wiki/updates/etc, in addition to this forum.

hmm, not gonna go to a kiwi team then? :stuck_out_tongue:
however i agree this seems like a brilliant idea to credit teams like the cheesy poofs last year; means they get something out of being ‘copied’ (for lack of a better word) other than just self-satisfaction :slight_smile:

Intent is to give the Kiwi teams the just awards they deserve by being the leading edge of VEX robot development by looking at the posts of their designs :rolleyes:

Spent all day looking at snorks (who was the first from 2010, and who did it in 2007?) Forklifts, omni’s and combo omni/4" drive (manicmechanic?) Who do we love, who do we copy and who loves us by copying our robots. Lots of common parents in these robots. Maybe the first one will go to Youtube :wink:

Still time to post your ideas.

I believe that 2007 FTC 546 was the first team to use the chain & sprocket needle design for slurping up rings. They got plenty of copiage both then and now.

One of the teams at Battlefield High School in Virginia selected that strategy/mechanism shortly after that year’s game was announced. However, what they built didn’t implement it effectively.

Team 42 would like to thank the Team 1452 Homers for the December 2010 inspiration behind Team 42B’s March 2011 hanging robot.

Here is a picture of 1452’s machine

Here a couple of the Homers in action.


im sure many people thought of all the strategies and the mechanisms that can be used in round up within the first brainstorm session
we all had the “ideas” but its the teams that took those “ideas” and execute it well enough so that others would want to copy, are the true inspiring teams

I remember that robot, and that video. It was our second year in FVC/VRC, and it did inspire the second 575 robot of the year. I dislike the term “copy,” though. The kids who built this robot used the idea that this would work, but I’m pretty sure that none of the mechanism was a copy from 546’s robot. Is that copying or engineering inspiration? Here’s a picture:

Interestingly (to me, anyway) you can see some of the ideas that would later turn into their Elevation robots the next year: small chassis, small wheels, (comparatively) light weight. The downfall of this robot was its cantilevered wheels, which constantly jammed on those infernal PVC rings. It was the last year that Exothermic ever used wheels mounted like that.


Thus dies genuine sharing for the sake of inspiration, long live the shiny trophy.

… And apparently Stargate is over!

Curses, curses… I give up.


Do you actually think the introduction of this trophy will have a net negative effect on VRC?


No one is going to listen but yes. I have nothing against awards, and believe it or not I’m not trying to troll against Vex.

I could explain, but I really just don’t feel like it. I’m not fighting this one.