Installing PROS

I am trying to download pros and I don’t know what to download. There are a lot of choices to choose from. Any help would be great

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Based on the applications you appear to have installed, your system is almost certainly 64-bit. Thus you want pros-windows-xxx-64bit.exe.


It’s a pretty old computer though. It is an acer aspire E1-531. But thank you so much for the quick response! I will try that right now

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which of these are best?

The PROS Editor is the optional Atom editor preconfigured by the PROS team. I do not recommend it; see this thread for more on that.

Unless you already know you need it, you won’t need the toolchain on PATH.

Same for the old programming cable driver — unless you already know you need it, you won’t need it.

If you will be doing Cortex programming, you will probably want the programming cable driver; that will allow you to download wirelessly through the controller.

You will need the V5 drivers for V5 programming.

The V5 Vision Sensor Utility will help you configure and use the Vision Sensor, if you have one and are interested in using it.


Thank you! this helped a ton

64 bit computers have been around for a while. That Aspire has a Pentium B960, which is a dual core 64 bit CPU. An old one, but its still a 64 bit instuction set and should be able to handle 64 bit programs on paper.


never knew that lol. thanks. I was kinda worried that it was a 32 bit.

now it wants me to do this when I went to files and clicked open

You opened the installer again. To use PROS, you need to create a new PROS project and open it in a text editor.

Assuming you did not install the PROS Editor:

  1. Open Command Prompt (search for it in the Start menu)
  2. Type the command mkdir %USERPROFILE%\Documents\PROS to create a folder called “PROS” in your Documents folder, where you can store your PROS projects. Press Enter to run the command.
  3. Run the command cd %USERPROFILE%\Documents\PROS to ‘move into’ the previously created folder for running future commands.
  4. Run the command prosv5 conduct new-project MyFirstProject v5 to create a folder “MyFirstProject” inside the previously created “PROS” folder. The “MyFirstProject” folder will contain your PROS code.
  5. Open and edit the .cpp and .h files inside the “MyFirstProject” folder and subfolders in your text editor of choice. This is your actual PROS code.
  6. When you are ready, run the command prosv5 mu to upload your code to a connected V5 Brain. (You will need to move into your PROS project directory if you are not already there — simply run the command cd %USERPROFILE%\Documents\PROS\MyFirstProject).

Of course, this may seem daunting and tedious at first glance, but it’s really not too difficult.

Once you choose an IDE for writing your code, you can set it up to run the necessary commands for you with just the press of a button. As I mentioned in the thread I linked previously, VScode (Visual Studio Code) is a great option for getting started if you don’t have another IDE in mind. Visual Studio Community Edition is also worth considering for its reasonable ease of setup, however I am not sure your computer would be able to handle it.

In the mean time, you can even use something like Notepad++ to edit your code and run the command to compile/upload it.


@Barin idek where I go to open pros

Pros isn’t an application like VEXcode. It has installed all the files it needs. To “use” pros, you use the command line. How you would do that:

  1. Open the command line (hit the windows key, type cmd, hit enter)
  2. Type cd then the directory you want to go to (your project folder or the folder in which you want to make a project)
  3. Start your command with prosv5

Some common commands:

prosv5 make - builds the project
prosv5 upload - uploads the project
prosv5 terminal - opens the terminal
prosv5 mu - makes and uploads
prosv5 mut- builds, uploads, and opens terminal
prosv5 conductor new-project "project name" - creates a new project

There are many other commands, but this covers the beginner stuff

As stated before, PROS doesn’t have an application to edit things like VEXcode (unless you use ATOM. Don’t). You need to use your own IDE. That could be notepad, visual studios, vscode, or something else. I recommend using Visual Studios as your IDE. You can edit the code files in the IDE of your choice. Once you are done typing your code, save the file, then open the command line and make and upload your project to your v5 brain.


Adding to what taran said, its important to note that on most windows 10 computers, powershell will be there in place of cmd. It has the same functionality.


I have no clue what any of this means lol. am I on the wrong thing?

This clears up a lot. I thought pros was an application that you could open and code on. thank you

Don’t worry about project.pros right now. The .cpp and .h files are where your actual code goes; focus on those instead.

If you click the top icon on the left sidebar, that looks like a stack of papers, it will open the Explorer and show you all the files in your PROS project.


Awesome! Thank you so much

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Hi Barin, I am also trying to use vscode with PROS but intellisense keeps saying that pros:: is invalid and puts a curly line under it, how do I fix that?

I have c_cpp_properties.json set to the compile_commands.json, as other people have told me and that I have seen on other forum posts but it still gives me underline.

Have you run the command
prosv5 build-compile-commands?

Yes, I have ran that, it gives this