Intake solutions/help

Alright everyone so my team needs help with our intake/rollers. Our intake can handle 1-3 cubes fairly easy but on the fourth, it doesn’t want to push up any of the cubes. We have tried adding more grip, changing flaps and such. We are currently working on a new deployment method as well, we are looking for suggestions or advice.

(why do you have rubber bands on wrapped around your arm motor lol)

can you explain a bit more in depth what you mean by ‘it doesn’t want to push up any of the cubes’? Is the motor stalling or are the flaps slipping? is the arm pushing itself outwards?

The sprocket size sticks out to me. I don’t follow tray building meta but it seems to me that the big one in the back would be a factor in the motor stalling out sooner.

you need more compression between the two arms of the lift, the cubes are forcing the rollers apart. I would advise against using rubber banding as your only source of compression.

Also, you could try lengthening the area between the gears so more flaps contact the cubes

Looks like that front sprocket on the intake is too small. Maybe increase to the next size up? Also, adding a physical hardstop (ie, a locking mechanism) would help to keep the intake from bending out.

Also, your lift arms are bent slightly outwards. Use a 3 or 5 wide c-channel to increase bracing area (2 wide isn’t enough). This will bring the intake rollers closer together.

Yes, the motor keeps stalling and will no longer take in any more cubes

Have you tried a torque motor cartridge

Yes, we are using a 100 RPM Motor cartridge.

Try making this banding go around the motor the other way.

I think the problem is that big sprocket in the back. The flaps going around it are too tight around the cube and its getting stuck there

We tried using a smaller sprocket in the back as well but that doesnt seem to fix anything.

i seem to have a similar problem, the intake wont grip the cube enough to lift it without falling

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