interested in the certificate program

Im interested in taking the online 9 week course. I ran the program this last year as a new Coach, I had no clue as to what I was doing. I wont cast blame as what is in the past is in the past, I feel I failed my kids to the point I didnt want to come back. One of the things keeping me from leaving is the online course offered thru vex for free. Its pretty much step by step and the kids can learn alot more than just how to build a robot that will hopefully work. With that being said, my district is running Gen 1 and the program is designed for Gen 2. Can this program be modified for Gen 1? I am willing to give this another go but a little guidance will go along way. I really like the way the 9 week is structured so if I can modify it to fit my needs that will be awesome. Thanks for any help