International Excellence Team unable to enter Worlds

Hi. We mentor the Excellence Award winners and Skills Challenge winners at the New Zealand Nationals, 8757A. The only invite to LRT we have received is to the International division that is no longer happening. I have e-mailed RECF twice (and also our Regional rep who has also contacted RECF) to ask for an invite to the Middle School Worlds LRT. We still haven’t received the invite and entries close in one day. Can anyone help please??? Are any other international teams in the same situation?


I am not sure what you hope to accomplish with this post to VEXforum?

Your pathways to determine how to proceed lies with your RECF Regional Support Manager. If LRT has been cancelled for NZ teams, it must be a larger issue due to synching time zones etc.

@DanMantz am I missing something here?


Just get in touch with Janet @ kiwibots, PM me if you don’t have her details. 100% confident you won’t have any problem getting this resolved.


Thanks Meng for your PM. Hopefully the same will apply to us as the Singapore team. Janet and Jess McGaffin, our RECF Regional Support Manager, are well aware of our situation and Jess has contacted RECF on our behalf earlier in the week. However there is still no invite yet, so I was just trying any avenue to secure an invite for our young team that have worked incredibly hard all season.

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Jess has just advised us that she has been told we will receive our LRT invite next week. Thanks to all concerned.


I agree: any coaches or EPs that have these types of questions should always go to their RECF Regional Support Manager.

LRT was not cancelled for any international teams but we did not have enough international teams select LRT so we are not able to offer a separate LRT division for teams in Asia Pacific. All international teams will need to select either the Morning division (Texas time) or Afternoon division (Texas time). We do understand this is difficult hours for some of our international teams.