IQ Bands

Hello everyone! I experienced some difficulties with the competition I had 2 days ago (sat the 9th). I was using the silicone IQ Rubber Bands (#64), and the judges said they were illegal because of the material. I see nothing in the game manual and Q&A about them being IQ, then changed it to the material of rubber bands. Also, one of the judges was the coach for other teams, and they were using the latex-free IQ bands. To conclude, I am asking if the silicone IQ bands are legal for use in the EDR competition (TT). Thanks!


If you want more details on the competition and how informal it was, pm me.

Like with VRC, VEX IQ allows for products sold by VEX Robotics or outside vendors if they are identical specs.

VEX sells silicone IQ Rubber Bands #64

The inspectors appear to be incorrect in their determination.

The issue is they said the bands are IQ and not VRC

Ya their the same thing. When u first buy bands they feel different than after a while of using them.

The inspectors are incorrect - Rubber Bands are cross-listed IQ and EDR. Silicone rubber bands are shipped with V5 Clawbots.


you should ask on official Q&A on as this is mere opinion on my part.