IQ Full Volume Plastic Film

Can the Plastic Films for the goals (the things that say I, II or III on it) be used for building the robot? I want to use these for a block storage on the bot.

I don’t think so but I could be wrong.

Here is the link to the page that contains the current game manual, along with the legal and illegal Parts lists. If the part you want to use is on the legal parts list you are fine, if not, then you can’t. But you should bookmark this page so you have a reference for all of the rules:


I can’t find this part in either the legal or illegal parts lists. In the illegal list, none of the Full Volume parts are listed; simmilarly with the legal list. So would this part be legal?

I’m glad you looked…and now you know where to look for the future (which is why I didn’t tell you straight out). Rule R6 in the game manual is the defining rule, and does not reference the “illegal parts list” so it is kind of useless (and I’m not sure why it even exists). Only the “legal parts list” is what really counts to inspectors and is referenced in rule R6 of the game manual. Since the part you’re considering is not on the legal parts list, it is not legal. Generally, parts of prior year’s game elements that “look like IQ parts” (they have IQ pins or holes) become legal the next year, but things like pipes and sheet plastic do not.