IQ Sizing tool

What are we going to do with the sizing tool? I can add an inch to the front of it, but is there going to be an official modification to get it to 20"? If a bot comes in with a 19.5"x10.5" base bot it’s going to be a little tricky to check for size with the standard tool.

In the past when it was 20" it was required to be hanging over the wall, so the modification wasn’t an issue.

I think we can look to this year’s field itself for a possible solution. The vertical red beams at the corners of the supply zone are placed are flush with the outside of the wall. If you mount some beams similarly, that should provide a baseline to work from.

Next time I’m with some field, I’ll see if I can mock something up.

What I ended up with. Quick and easy.

This was what one of our returning students came up with at camp today. Note the added 2x4 grey pieces added to the front ‘scraper’ portion of the tool. Adds one inch and can still slide down the front.

Simple and should meet the need without any other modifications.