IQ Slapshot Disc Possession Limit

Hey all, I’m wondering if there is a limit on how many discs a robot can possess at one time during a match. I can’t seem to find a part of the game manual that talks about it. Thanks!

If the game manual does mention a specific possession limit, then what do you think that means about the possession limit for this season’s VIQC game?


I couldn’t find a part of the manual that says a possession limit, I’m inclined to believe that there isn’t one but I’m used to VRC where there has been possession limits for their challenges.

So lets take an example. After you start moving how tall can the robot be. In looking in the manual, there is no reference to how tall.

So because there is not a rule on how tall (just width except in the expansion zone) you can be any height you want.

Same with disks. Does it specify a limit? If not, no limit.


except there is a specific clause in the manual saying that vertical expansion is unlimited.

i getyour.point,just saying, bad example.