Is a 7th Ring on a Low Vertical Post Scored? (Re-Asked)

Here is my question from before re-asked: (There was an issue with the image not being viewable by the GDC)


Does the below 7th ring (the green ring on top) count as Scored? Figure 6 in the Game Manual shows a ring in a similar condition (with the PVC post partially inside of the ring), and the Manual says that the ring in Figure 6 is “Not Scored”.

It makes sense that it should NOT be “scored” because the total number of scoring positions would be more than the 60 rings: 4 * 7 + 2 * 8 (Horz. Goals) + 20 (High Vert. Goal) = 64.

However, that 7th ring (if it is on the Post as shown) will look to the audience and teams just like the 6 below it. If there is no GDC ruling specifically saying that only 6 can score on Low Posts (and to be thorough: only 8 on Horz. Posts & only 20 on High Posts), there will be inconsistent scoring of this all season long.

Thanks in advance,

7th Ring.png