Is center parking worth the time?

During the time one alliance’s robot is center parked, the opposing alliance has two robots that can take advantage over scoring and descoring uncontested or unprotected flags and caps, which could make up or surpass the points gained by a center park, maybe not too easily because of center parking being worth 6 points. At the same time i feel it should be pretty quick and easy to descore and score caps and flags to make up for a center park.

It shouldn’t take long. You kind of just ram up it.

I guess i just felt conflicted because going too early means wasting time not scoring caps or flags, but going too late means you’ll have to deal with competing against an opponent for center parking

It’s like a sort of prisoners dilemma: both alliances have incentives to go up on the platform as late into the match as possible, but also to be up there first. I think it’ll lead to some interesting match psychology

Yes, especially if both of you can center park, that’s 12 points!

This is in the zone discussion, but I don’t know if you could change it but it doesn’t matter really.

To be honest, I think it is situational. During autonomous, I think it could be important for someone to grab the two balls on the nearest step and shoot the balls while on the step. It’s a couple extra points with some better positioning. However, end game, it could end up being like the high hang in starstruck. Rarely did it determine the match. Nevertheless, I prefer to have the ability to do everything and not need it later than need it and not be able to accomplish it so I would plan to be able to get up the stairs

i keep mixing up the two :\

yeah you’re right, we’re probably going to have to wait to see

Has anyone considered the possibility of being able to shoot and target flags from the center platform? After all, you can have up to two balls with you.