Is defensive play strictly prohibited?

Was reading through the rules and it says that In The Zone is mainly an offensive game, but I’m wondering if defense is allowed. For example, if we knock all the cones off of the other teams stationary goal or block them from accessing the goals. Would these make you immediately lose the match? I understand the objective is to get as many points as possible, but It would be very easy to knock every cone off the opposing goal at the end and make the opponent lose many points.

Please continue reading the rules before posting on the forum.

+1 for saying please.

A quick search will find discussion on some defensive robots as well.

@DRow can you help…
So basically speaking, building a robot with its’ main purpose is solely on defense is prohibited as in the rule of . But, if you are doing defensive as a secondary strategy it is legal to do. Some good ways to have defensive strategies are to descore opponents’ mobile goals in their 5 point zone, blocking the opponents from scoring cones on their mobile goals, and blocking the opponents’ autoloader. Those are only a few, though. I will have to say that @Brian_9605A was just giving advice, so please I’d appreciate it if you can calm down to ensure a friendly environment. It is very important that you read the manual thoroughly before you do create a conversation about the rules, but I can say since you didn’t go straight to the Q&A to ask I’d give you props :). Another thing, I’d appreciate it if you read the forum rules thoroughly as well.
Thank you, and hopefully this helps!

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As a member of the VEX community and an active member of this forum, I’m thoroughly appalled by the language used in this post. @DRow Please remove this thread.

I wouldn’t say a pure defensive robot is prohibited.

Strategies that aimed solely at destruction, damage, tipping over are strictly prohibited.

But defensive robot is not banned - solely defensive strategies will undergo extra scrutiny that’s all.

Alrighty guys, we don’t all need to attack @Jmidd13. He should remove the offensive language from his post, and the rest of us should chill and stop responding to this thread. The question has been answered, and there’s nothing more to say.

(Edited because my original post was passive aggressive and an echo of previous posts).

I’ve deleted a post for offensive language, and a few others for quoting it.

Looks like people are uptight about my prior response which was deleted. Honestly , didn’t expect everyone to be angry at that. Anyway, no one on here still has a direct answer to my original question. Of course I know about entanglement and tipping, but I really was asking about moving opponents cones and goals. That is described here
" <SG5> Robots may not intentionally or accidentally, indirectly or directly, remove Cones from an
opponent’s Stack (i.e. Cones that are fully nested on an opponent’s upright Goal).
a. A Robot that accidentally knocks over an opponent’s Goal, causing Cones to be removed,
would be in violation of this rule. Teams should exercise extreme caution when interacting
with or around opponent Goals."

I’m also shocked by Anomaly’s paragraph message scolding me for “cursing”.

It’s in the forum rules. “Curse words and/or vulgarity will not be tolerated…” This forum is meant to be appropriate for all ages, and I don’t think that has ever been an issue of debate. I don’t see anything from @DRow scolding you, either. :slight_smile:

I would be wary of alienating yourself from multiple users (and a moderator) on this forum right off the bat. There is really no need to come back with more hostility after 1. Being called out for violating forum rules and 2. Having a post deleted for violating forum rules.

My bad. It was Anomaly’s 360 word message. He was very polite and helpful, but the length is what got me. This whole forum is full of people who take it way to seriously quoting rules and what not. I just asked a broad question and got backlash for my response to a response. I was telling my friends about thisittle hostility and they’re laughing and I am too.

The hostility comes from you saying that you had not even read all of the rules at the time of your post. All of your questions are answered in the rules. Reread your post again and just see how it sounds so someone who has now read the rules a few times.

Also just wanted to point out that your most recent post was longer than Anomaly’s post…

As a person who has read the rules book at least 5 times (some parts more than others), It truly frustrates me when people are lazy and just ask on the forum, knowing they’ll get the correct response from some kind person. Thank you to all of those kind people that make this forum such a nice place to find information.

To clarify, I sent @Jmidd13 a pm welcoming him to the forums, clarifying the rule, giving him a heads up about the Q and A and forum policy, and linking him to a private video of my recent competition I thought his team would find helpful. I considered the pm positive and constructive, but apparently he did not, so I have removed it to avoid future conflict. It was maybe 10 sentences long and took 2 minutes to write.

What you will find is the forum is full of an excellent community of nerds who are interested in helping you and getting help. Because we are all vex competitors, we have all read to the rules, so it is frustrating when somebody doesn’t know the basics.

There is worldwide 150 team vex discord with an entire channel to “roast VEX forum posts.” (Their words, not mine.) You are currently the main subject of the chat.

Wheres the discord invite? I’ll explain on there. Also my most recent post was long because I copied a large section from the rule book.

Here’s a life lesson, you can’t say “my bad” and then spend the rest of a message making excuses about why others are responsible for bad behavior. Well, you can, but that does not constitute a real apology. If you don’t intend to apologize, I don’t particularly care. I’m far more stubborn sometimes. But don’t be surprised when such a statement isn’t taken as a genuine apology in the future. Extreme example:
“Why did you slap Benji? You should apologize.”
'Benji, I’m sorry for my actions, but your face is extremely slappable."

Edit: I was mistaken on what the “my bad” corresponded to. Life lesson is still applicable, though, so it stays. “My bad.” :wink:

I said my bad because of the mistaken name. I am not sorry for my behavior at all. I’m new to this competition and I had a question that was without a clear answer and deserved discussion. What I got in response was a whole group of people attacking me.

Just for the record, I have deleted my own post from earlier because the quote by @jmidd13 was edited.

Thank you for clarifying. That’s helpful to know, and will be taken in to account when people offer you help and advice in the future.

Yes, and new to the forum. When you move in to a new neighborhood, it can be beneficial to come up to speed on the rules of polite behavior in the community.

Ah. That’s not correct. The answer to the question is very clear, and easily accessible.

The way communities work is the community members (of which you are one, welcome) decide by their actions whether something “deserves” discussion. You feeling that it does only counts for one of us. How you present your request can really help things go more smoothly.

That’s not an attack. Oh, my, no.