Is it better to code in C++, or python

I’m more proficient in python and iḿ wondering would it be better to learn c++ to code the bot or should I just use python since iḿ more proficient in it. I Feel like i could code it in python but if it would be better to code it in C++ i will.

That’s based on personal opinion. When it comes to solely vexcode, it’s pretty easy to pick up either language. Even though I had experience in Python, I still chose c++ due to the ease of use in vexcode pro. If you want to learn c++, this is a great resource:
You’ll need to understand variables, loops, and objects. Later on, you’ll probably need to understand tasks and threads.


Both are good and are pretty alike. If you decide to do other languages like JavaScript, you’ll notice that most are similar to each other. It’s really based on personal preference. C++ has more applications outside of VEX, but either get the job done. Personally, I find C++ easier, but really it does not matter.

TLDR, it all depends on personal preference.

Hope this helps! :v:


Although understanding C++ makes it easier to transition to another C-based language (like C#), I would personally recommend starting with Python. The National Security Agency (NSA) released a publication in November recommending against the use of memory unsafe languages like C++ due to the difficulty developing secure applications. With the explosion of memory safe alternatives in the last decade, I would consider C++ a dying programming language.


Python was the first language I learned, but in my opinion, C++ is easier. The languages are pretty similar and it mainly depends on your personal preference. I would suggest you use whatever you are most comfortable with. If you want to learn C++ then go for it, if not, Python is fine as well.

im not a pro with vex programming at all, nor have I even a year of experience with it. But I can atleast say that with experience with both. I found that python works fine. But if you want to do pretty complicated things(C’ant really name rn), then I found c++ much more flexible and easier to work. But it would mainly be preference and what your robot needs.

I would use C++ as a lot of the community that are more into the advanced stuff uses c++

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