Is Paracord allowed for VIQC 2020-2021: Rise Above

I have seen some posts, mostly VEX V5, mentioning 1/8" braided nylon cord was/is legal in some games. Just wanted to make sure that it is legal for VIQC 2020-2021: Rise Above. Please confirm.

I do not believe you can use it in VEX IQ, however there are some legal parts in Hexbug kits that are cord with connectors at the end.

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Any question which asks “it is allowed” or “is it legal” must be answered by reviewing the game manual. You can download a copy for yourself here: Or you can get the VEXIQ hub for you phone.

Specifically, you’ll find your answers in rule R7 in the game manual which regards legal parts. Additionally, the game manual has references for the “legal parts lists” and “illegal parts lists” for VEX IQ.


The 1/8” braided nylon core legal for vex is not paracord. Paracord has 2 components to increase durability, shock resistance, and tensile strength. The 1/8” nylon is a braided rope.


Regarding “paracord” for VRC (as a clarification, since the OP was posting about IQ, not VRC):
The GDC made a clarification, and gave some examples, in the official Q&A last year ( The problem here is that “paracord,” once a brand name, has become a generic description, like any brand of adhesive bandage is often called a “band-aid”. The GDC gives 2 examples of legal “paracord” and 2 examples of “paracord” that does not meet the requirements of R7 (in the VRC game manual).

Given the generic nature of the Q&A answer, that it, it is a restatement of a long-standing VRC rule (that is, basically it’s a RTM question), we do not need to ask the same question in the official Q&A each year. Just use 1/8" braided nylon cord to meet the requirement of R7, and quit calling it “paracord.”