Is Robot Mesh Studio compatible with VEXCode?

So I wanted to test out a program I made for making buttons on the V5 Brain Screen, used to select autons, but don’t always have access to the brain, and so I downloaded RMS to try to be able to test it. However, it seems that there isn’t an option for VEXCode when making a project in RMS (As in the picture below - using Desktop version). If someone could help with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @jfritzsche, welcome to the VEX Forum!

RMS is a different programming solution than VEXcode. Both RMS projects and VEXcode projects can run on the V5 brain; however, they are not compatible with each other – RMS projects can not be opened or edited in VEXcode, and VEXcode projects can not be opened or edited in RMS or run in RMS Mimic.

Ok so I might have this wrong then, as far as I’m aware there’s a way to simulate the Brain screen in RMS without needing a physical brain to do so, and there isn’t something like that for VEXCode. Please do correct me if I’m wrong

I believe if you copy paste vexcode code into rms it should work. Their API is the same

So my program is setup as in the picture, where I have multiple files set up separately from and included into the main file. Does this still work in RMS?

The file types are different so opening robot mesh into v5 wont work. But if you copy and paste the code as long as its python or c++ it should work fine.

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