Is the Vex Clawbot a bad move by Vex?

I’ve been thinking about Sack Attack designs, and I’ve concluded that releasing the new vex clawbot (revealed at worlds) to replace the protobot is a bad idea.

The simple fact is that the clawbot is just too good at Sack Attack. I can easily see a majority of teams competing at worlds using this design, as its just so effective at picking up and scoring sacks, and of course, the instructions to build it will be officially released.

I mean, if you look at the clawbot objectively, it can do everything required for Sack Attack. It can pick up sacks in any orientation or position. It’s small chassis allows it to maneuver around the field almost unhindered, and it is short enough to fit under the troughs so it can pick up sacks on both sides.

The only ability it lacks is scoring in the high goal, and I think we’ve all agreed by now that the high goal is almost entirely irrelevant.

I can easily see teams using the clawbot design completely dominating at many competitions, and I don’t think its good for the competitive nature of vex robotics if teams that try and build their own designs are continuously beaten by those using a design that was made by vex to be perfect for the game.

So, in conclusion, I think the clawbot needs to be banned from competing in official competitions. Its simply too good to be allowed, and I think allowing teams to use it will be detrimental towards the competitive nature of vex robotics. Do you agree? Disagree? Will your team be using the clawbot this season?

Disagree. Nope, I will not be using it.

Although it might WORK for the game, it is certainly not “too good” at the game. Any competitive team will be looking for a design that yields more efficiency at picking up the sacks, more speed, maneuverability, or capacity.

No, we will be using a design vastly superior to the clawbot. I suppose its simplicity gives it an advantage at early tournaments, where most robots don’t work properly, but a robot with a capacity of one object is not ideal in a 102-object game.

On a side note, the clawbot kit is unnecessary for anyone who’s already got a protobot. MSU wanted our younger team to train with a clawbot, so they bought a claw kit and switched it for the arm wheel in one of their existing protobot kits.

Clawbots are precise and very versatile when it comes to picking up objects, but none of those things are very necessary in Sack Attack. Like with any other competition, loads of better designs are going to come up in time. Standalone claws are just not competitive enough to succeed.

To be honest, I really don’t think teams will be that competitive with it. They definitely didn’t design it to replace the need for making your own robot and if any teams use it to compete with it will most likely be at a very small competition. Just think about how many sacks the robot would have to pick up in only a couple minutes.

Secondly, I can’t tell if you’re trolling or serious.

I think I can…

I think that the clawbot is a great idea for Vex. I won’t be using it, but for those who it’s their first year, it is a great idea introduction. You learn about robotics, and you don’t suck at the game. After that, you can try something new from your experience and make it better.

Our first year, in the Round Up season, we tried an original design. Protobots were capable of picking up objects that year, but our original design faired much better than the protobots. I think the clawbot is simply designed for beginners to learn with, and made to pick things up more easily than the protobot.

I don’t think the clawbot will be able to get very far even in local competitions, let alone get to the world championship. While it is true that it can do many things required in Sack Attack, the competition will require that teams can pick up much more than only one sack at a time and drive much faster than the protobot does. Additionally, the protobot could also have worked in Roundup or Cleansweep with only a few minor adjustments but I don’t remember any team that was able to get anywhere with it.

Definately a troll here…
So who paid you to write up this post??

I was kind of hoping that this was a satire of teams who use stock designs instead of coming up with their own. I do hope that the post isn’t serious.

Ya lol. I’ve been debating it and its written in a way in which i can’t exactly tell :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you ban a design?

imagine this conversational
Hey you cant use that clawbot design.
It isnt a clawbot I changed a screw.

Not to mention that it sucks anyway

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After reading your post i then read your post count which was 3 at the time. This is a nifty trick to tell if someone is spamming. If you had more posts i would have taken it a little more serious.

Yet at the same time…it could’ve been a newbie Vex member who seriously thought the claw bot was OP who felt the need to take it to the Vexforum immediately.

So are you criticizing the VEX clawbot? Or are you just trolling?

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Having been a member of this Forum, for almost 6 years, I can say without a doubt, that Lack of Specific Instructions beyond the Square Bot ( found throughout the Inventor’s Guide ) has been a big complaint. Having the Protobot and now the Clawbot is a big improvement in communicating what can be done with the Vex Robotics system.

So for Organizations that want to start Teams for VRC, but don’t have Engineers for Mentors, they have a workable Robot, that might or might not beat their opposing teams, but does give the new teams a chance to Compete and Improve. ( Maybe borrowing a few Good Ideas from the Winners for their next Scrimmage… )

I don’t think you have seen some of these Teams in Action…

I would guess that in the first three of four Scrimmages, you will see some of the Clawbots, and some Unique Bots go, Head-to-Head.

Anyone reading this Thread, please Post Videos of these events, so we can see how valid our “Crystal Ball” work is.