Is there a rule on an EDR team driver being allowed to drive for an IQ team as well?

We were just told by other students that they plan to dominate IQ this year and are having one of their best drivers now on an EDR team also compete on an IQ team to ensure both get champion seats to Worlds. Both teams have enough drivers so it’s not a matter of no drivers or substitution, it is to ensure a win”. Is this allowed? They may be separate events but isn’t that considered stacking? FYI the teams coach’s are also running our state competition. In a previous post this seems to go against the REC values and goals with VEX.

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Drivers switch Controllers midway through the Match.


Answered by Game Design Committee

The intent of the more specific language in G6 was to penalize organizations that were using their best drive team to qualify multiple teams to their Regional / State / World championship. This behavior is not within the spirit of the VEX IQ Challenge.

Event Partners should bear in mind G3, and use common sense when enforcing this rule. It is not our intent to punish a Team who may change Drivers over the course of a season due to illness, changing schools, conflicts within a Team, graduating up to VRC, etc. We do not expect EP’s and referees keep a roster of any student who has ever driven for a day.

To answer your specific question, a student who fills in as a “substitute” Driver for a single day/tournament due to a Team having only one student in attendance at the event would not fall under the intent of this rule.”

So in Middle School IQ you have to be under 15 years old during Worlds.

That means most High School freshmen in EDR could also be a Middle School IQ team’s driver.

I find this ridiculous. Someone tell me I misunderstand that and am being ridiculous.

You are understanding correctly…

I have an 8th grader that will be eligible for IQ as a 10th grader. Their original rule was better, but they appeased the people that were operating under the 6-9, 7-9, 8-9 rule.

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