Is there any way to descore besides towers?

If it’s in the protected zone it’s obviously a DQ but the non-protected zone is fair game… In our region, the head ref says that, because there is no clarification on the legality of pushing an opposing robot into their own stack, it is allowed unless there is an Q&A clarification.

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Oh, That is kinda cheap and a dirtbag thing to do. But i guess its fine if they repeatedly hit our bar so we cant do anything
*cough cough last competition.

It is only considered a stack if they are onto of base cube in a goal - otherwise just a bunch of cubes on a robot. Knocking bunch of cubes from robot in unprotected goal area ok. Hitting robot that has a stack in a goal resulting in cubes falling from stack is what will get you in trouble.


Oh,But that is kind of cheap though.

any of u guys know this old movie where this kid puts some military lazer on his bot and vaporizes the other teams just wondering is that legal??


No… another question. Can an enemy push your robot around hard. Like go across the field and ram your robot into a wall then keep on doing it until the match is over? That is what happened to me.


Completely legal as long as the pinning rule is not violated (or the robot being played defense against isn’t being egregiously broken apart by the other team.

Oh, okay. Thank you very much

I don’t see anything in the game manual against that apart from “common sense always apples in the Vex Robotics Competition”



Oh wait serious, Darn nevermind

You could try knocking them out (but there might be some gray area there).

So we can hit their tray causing the cubes to fall out but we can’t intake their cubes out of their tray?

Also, If we lift our arm up and hit the back of their tray causing cubes to fall out… is that legal?

It is, but if they’re tray allows you to do that, then you run the risk of entanglement. Most trays have polycarb or something down the middle of their trays, so you won’t be able to do it very often.

If i hit them in the back and push, the force of my robot should knock some cubes off

Our arm is pretty powerful.

  1. If it is in the non-protected zone it is not fair game, it is just not a DQ unless it is match effecting. In the protected zone, it is an automatic DQ.
  2. There is a rule regarding pushing an opposing robot into their own stack. Read in the Game Manual.

Stay away from your opponent’s protected areas.** Robots may not intentionally or accidentally, directly or indirectly, perform the following actions: etc.

Once cubes are considered scored, you can NOT cause your opponents cubes to become un-scored, regardless of whether it is directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally. This would include pushing your opponents robot into their own stack, hitting a field wall that causes a stack to fall, etc. Note that this applies to cubes that are considered scored. If a blur robot is in the process of placing a stack in their non-protected zone and are still in contact with it, the cubes are not yet scored and that robot is fair game to bump. Once they are no longer touching the stack, it is considered scored and is now OFF limits, so to speak.

What about hitting their tray while they are in-taking cubes? That is legal. We can push their top tray causing their cubes to fall if they are not stacking.

yes, you can do that and you can also do that when they are in the middle of stacking because the points are not officially scored yet.