Is this a viable strategy?

I have been thinking, what if you only descore the towers and try to get as many cubes as possible in the zones. This way it becomes a game of how many cube you can stack.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Check out this thread I started earlier in the season


If you get over half of each color stacked towers don’t matter


But that would be 3 towers of 11. Doable, but a bit tricky to pull off

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Not necessarily. If you have an alliance of two fast tray bots that each hole 8, make all 3 stacks quickly, and both hoard another trayful while keeping the towers empty, you win.


my discussion has 3 videos that have very good ideas here’s the discussion link

What’s usually considerd early season, mid season, and late season?

Also look into this thread I posted in pretty much immediately after Worlds: