Is this legal?

So, I am at a tournament and the refs are saying that I can not load the balls because the robot is outside of the loading zone.
1.) Is this is illegal or legal? A picture is included.
2.) Also, they are claiming that only one person is allowed to load. Is this is true?
3.) Are you also allowed to push a ball from my hand into my robot?
If you could answer this Karthik, that would be great.

  1. legal. You only need to be touching the loading zone.
  2. Any number of people can load balls into the robot
  3. Pretty much anything short of forcing balls into the robot is legal

Normally I don’t answer questions outside of the official Q&A for a multitude of reasons, however with the Q&A being closed I can make an exception here.

  1. Legal, provided the ball contacts the Robot before it contacts any portion tile outside of the Loading Zone
  2. Not true. Any number of legal Student Drive Team Members can load balls.
  3. Yes, this sounds legal.

Thank you. This has helped tremendously.