Is this mechanism allowed?


After watching the VIQRC drivers meeting video, they had mentioned that the purple dispenser MUST be spun counter-clockwise to empty it. Does it mean this mechanism is illegal?
I had read some comments saying this was illegal because of this, but in the game manual per G11 doesn’t say anything about it.


I would say that the mechanism is legal, as this is not spinning the dispenser clockwise, just removing the discs through another method. However, check the game manual to see if it prohibits removal of discs through any unintended methods, just in case.

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I believe you have paraphrased the driver’s meeting in a way that changes the meaning. Go get their exact words and examine what they’re pointing out as illegal. The implication that there’s only one way to empty a dispenser isn’t the same as there’s only one way to turn a wheel.


The purple dispenser is set up to only shoot disks out the bottom when the wheel is turned counter clockwise. Going the other way too hard will break it.

I’ve seen in this season the “gap spin” way (but to be honest, in the video the human hand on the left is a no go). The other was a “Woody Woodpecker” where the Woodpecker robot, beaked the disks out from the bottom. It was cool, but if the short “tap-tap” didn’t dislodge the disk then it was jammed.

Teams think you need to PUSH the green bar to dump the yellow dispenser, but so many teams PULL the green bar.

Remember the rules are pretty clear on “you can’t do this” The are very vague, almost gossamer on “you can do this”. So thinking “outside the box” is good. Thinking outside of 11x19x15 isn’t recommended.

Go for it! The one team I saw could dump the dispenser in under 8 seconds. Post your time!!