Is V5 too expencive

You literally made a stupid joke in the thread where we’re recommending a suspension for someone doing similar things. If you want to make jokes, then stay in cc/rm.

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Time to back away from the screen - this thread has spiraled way too much. As I said back in fall - T.H.I.N.K. before posting
T - is the post True?
H - is the post Helpful?
I - is the post Inspiring?
N - is the post Necessary?
K - is the post Kind

many posts here should not have been posted.

@DRow lock this thread please.


My final post in this topic is to point out that cooldude deleted his post about flagging. If that was because he realized just how bad it was, then good but it shouldn’t take being called out on something like that for him to see just how childish it was. A certain level of respect must be had for the forum and cooldude hasn’t shown that. I believe that Ankith should reconsider his time spent on the forum and realize that this is a place that values quality over quantity.


yea that comment was unnecessary. Deleting it now.


Lol, I guess if you buy into the fantasy that @Sharky_do is my adoptive virtual sibling then it is my moral duty to defend him, regardlessly how much he fits the stereotypical image of a younger sib who is always annoying and does dumb things.

It is not easy to be a younger sibling - no matter how much you mature and grow, you older sibs are always a couple of years ahead of you, always jumping on the opportunity to have some giggles at your expense. :crying_cat_face:

I got to agree with @enothecool that one must resist the temptation of having runaway fun every time @Sharky_do posts. It is not his fault that our virtual dog ate the last copy of his spell-checker. He is trying to get better, but it will take time.

I also got to say that it was my pleasure to be witnessing how a pair of relentless spammers and memers (@enothecool and @RNA) are turning into young adults with deservedly earned Empathetic and Out of Love badges. Your older virtual sib is proud of you!

Once again, I encourage everyone to be patient with @Sharky_do - unlike more advanced species, boys are notorious to be goofing off late into their teens.



You are so right… and I notice it too - about these 2 fine young adults (@enothecool and @RNA).

But it has been a rough ride for both of them too.

I had my fair share of “clashes” with these few. But still doesn’t mean that we should give up hope on them.

If you are tearing your hair out because of them, then maybe you can try doing what I did - take a deep breath, and roll your eyes, and then walk away from the screen for a drink.

Note: I am not their siblings or related to them, both virtually or in real life.


Ah I remember

Yeah, I’m sorry for all the run ins when I joined the forum. I realized that I was being very annoying and I kinda just stepped back on reply’s and let everything settle. Also sorry for the mods that had to deal with me lol

: )

Edit: also thank you so much for helping me understand the forums and how to be a better person @Foster @Illyana @lacsap


You are welcome - I get things wrong and this forum should always be a safe place for all of us to grow (me, still, at 11 years old with five decades of experience!)



Ah yes, [shudders] Enoch from a year ago. I’m very glad to see how he’s progressed into being a constructive member of this forum.


I always love a story with a happy ending :grinning:


I don’t want to derail this thread, although it’s too late for that. I just hope cooldude will see this and be inspired. After all, my roblox account used to be enothecooldude

It’s certainly been a journey of growth on this forum. I got to thank every last person who flagged a stupid post, because it has certainly done its trick. Got to love this community!


Scary to think @Sylvie is younger than me but still knows so much more about robotics…

On topic, don’t forget that the RECF has lots of grants available to VRC teams. Personally, my team got roughly $800 in parts including the full V5 system (brain, controller, 8 motors, battery, wires…) I don’t know the exact link, but I bet a quick google search will pull up the applications.

@lacsap Acronyms are always nice, and a quick post-it on your monitor makes it even easier to remember.

Also, although I agree that the topic is unnecessary, flagging the topic post only makes it spam and unreadable.

Finally, as the wise @Illyana said,


So… to answer the original question. It really depends on how involved you are, how many robots you make in a season, and how many competitions you attend. VRC parts are not as reusable as IQ parts, and you have to buy new ones after you alter and cut them. One of the top teams on our area said their parts budget was 5-10K per season. This was about 5 years ago. Maybe someone on here has a more recent estimate.

VRC competitions in our region are around $100, while IQ ones are $50 each. States is $250, and Worlds is $1K plus travel.

Hope that gives you some idea. And grants and fundraising cuts some of the expense, you just have to be a little creative. Good Luck!


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