Is V5 too expencive

How expencive can V5 be. I am in Iq right now but I have 1 more year till I join VRC. Selling two Vex Iq fields and lots of parts will it be enough money to afford V5.


conveniently, all v5 products and their prices are listed on


Whoa, that’s crazy! I never though going to the site that sells V5 gear could tell me how much V5 gear costs! How did you think of that?!?!?!?!?!




Wait what? Vex has a website?

I know, it’s not like it’s linked at the top of this page or anything.


I wonder what happens when you press the button…



But… He just asked how expensive a change over to V5 is, Not the individual parts…


Be that as it may, there was some ambiguity in the question, the information for Ankith to figure this out for himself was right there, and quite frankly, he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt.


I agree with Taran. After a certain point, if you ask stupid questions, you’ll get stupid answers. This is a learning moment. This one question has gotten off fair share of answers so we should leave it with, @Sharky_do, please do the minimal amount of research before making a thread to ask a question.


This is enough. I have to stand up for cooldude here, you guys are the people who should be getting flagged. In fact, I will make sure to do so, and the people of the forum should too. We don’t treat anyone else this way, and setting a precedent to do so here is unacceptable. You need to stop. Cooldude has done plenty of things wrong, but having the basic right to ask a question, even one poorly worded, and get a decent answer is not much to ask. Worse questions have been asked that didn’t result in such poor behavior. Knock it off.

  • Respect each other. Don’t harass or grief anyone, impersonate people, or expose their private information.

Straight out of the community guidelines. Bold was added for emphasis

With that out of the way, let’s get into my opinion.

Rough estimations of what you'll get for your IQ stuff

I’ll start with the field. Assuming they are the full 6x8’ ($320 on, I would expect you to be able to sell them for anywhere from $150 to $250 depending on factors like the condition and what people are willing to pay. I’ll say they sell for $200 for my example. That’s $400 for the fields, which is a good start. I’m guessing that you probably won’t be able to sell the game elements for much, but this is IQ so I probably don’t know. If they don’t sell you could always make them into something cool like lamps or something. I don’t remember what it sold for, but this is an engine they turned into a table on top gear. You can find something
Next let’s talk about parts. That’s not very specific, so I’ll be making rough estimates. You’ve got 2 fields so I’ll guess that you have at least 2 IQ super kits that could be sold for anywhere from $300 to $400 apiece. Then let’s say you’ve got another $400 in parts that could all be slapped together for a rough total of $900. Remember this is all guesswork, I’m probably off by a $200 margin without the estimations of your parts.

That brings the grand total for all of this to a very rough $1300. Enough to get a start, but not a whole lot.

If you can afford 2 fields and lots of parts for IQ, you can certainly do the same for V5. Money won’t go as far for sure, but that doesn’t stop you from having a team. The competition super kit is almost $1700, and the field is going to be $1560 new. Yikes!

Overall, I think it’s totally doable for you to switch over to V5 and have a competitive robot. However, it will cost a good bit more money, and selling you IQ stuff will not cover the whole bill. If you’d like specifics on starting in EDR from scratch just search “New team. What parts to get?” and you’ll find some helpful threads.


I respectfully disagree. I am going to be as respectful as I can in the coming essay, but long story short I don’t think that Ankith has earned the privilege to post something such as this and expect legitimately helpful replies. Here we go.

Usually, with new forum members who ask unintelligent questions, there is a little bit of “I’m not google” in response, but also usually something helpful, and something pointing them to learn more about the forum.

Ankith (@Sharky_do) has been a member of this forum for a significant amount of time. Unless he is lying, which I have no reason to suspect, Ankith is 13 years old. Two years ago, in the middle of my rookie VRC season, I was 13. I was (and arguably still am) not the most mature internet user. That being said, I knew when I was being made fun of. I knew what the joke was. I (generally) knew what was acceptable behavior for the public forum. In his 1.3 years on this forum, Ankith has not demonstrated any of this. When people try to tell him that he needs to stop cluttering or stay on topic, he dismisses them. He acts like everything on this forum is a place for him to be silly. He also seems to vastly overestimate his popularity and relative skill. I can cite examples if asked to. From my perspective, @Sharky_do is by no means ready to be a member of this forum. If it was up to me, I would opt to silence his account for a significant period of time, to allow him to read the forum, and learn from it, but not contribute to the clutter, and maybe when he grows up a bit more he could come back and contribute something meaningful.

To elaborate on an earlier point, I think why so many of us have issues with Ankith’s posts is that he says absurd things, and he says them with no self-awareness. He says things like, “DRow’s too scared to fight me in a meme war” unironically, not understanding a) how wrong he is, b) how, frankly, dumb it makes him look, and c) that it makes others look down on him. For a myriad of reasons that I’m not qualified to explain, seeing things like this cause us to feel embarrassed on behalf of Ankith. Similar to how you wince when someone else bangs their head, you see someone else embarrassing themselves, and you feel their embarrassment. The only exception is that in this case is that Ankith doesn’t seem to understand that the things he says cause this reaction in others. When things like this are allowed to perpetuate, where someone is embarrassing themselves but thinks others are enjoying their contributions, but everyone else is too nice to say something about it, it leads to a terrible situation. One day the person (Ankith in this case) wakes up and thinks, “oh my god I was embarrassing myself for two years under my real name, I really wish someone had stopped me”. The compassionate thing to do would be to prevent Ankith from doing this to himself.

Anyway, I’ve gone off on a whole long tangent over the 45 minutes I’ve been writing this. What I mean to be saying is that if this was anyone else, I’d agree with you Enoch, but in this instance, given Ankith’s history on this forum, humoring him is the worst possible thing we could do.

P.S. if an admin is going to remove this post for whatever reason, I would appreciate a message explaining where I went too far.


@Sylvie I agree with a few of your sentiments but I do believe that you went too far. Censorship, for one reason or another is bad for one’s mental health and I think it’s ok to politely ask him to think before he posts. Our goal is not to hurt or discourage him. We all make mistakes and that should be tolerated to a certain extent. Self awareness is key and I do not believe that we’ve shown that in our criticism (even that which we believed to be constructive). @Sharky_do, please just think before you post. You have nothing to prove to us, and we have nothing to prove to you. We’re brought together be our common love of robotics and we shouldn’t let our pet peeves (shared or not) interfere nor allow us to discourage others. Whatever the outcome of this thread, we can’t loose sight of the fact that we’re all a bunch of robotics nerds that are currently procrastinating something.

Think before you post.
Don’t put others down, even when you’re trying to help.


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

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Dude, they aren’t flagging your posts because they don’t like you, they are flagging you because the things that you post are mostly not needed. They flagged this post because all you had to do was look up “Vex V5 current price”. By making this topic insted, you’ve now cluttered up the forum with useless junk. As for DRow hunting me down, he can find me here:


There’s always a reason behind flagged posts. So they aren’t randomly doing it. Sometimes you have to just let stuff go. Don’t argue with every flagged post, because there’s usually a good reason it got removed. And posting these on random threads make no sense either. I would suggest just taking a little break on the forums and let things settle. But that’s my opinion.


@Sharky_do. Even though we may have been a bit rough earlier, you can’t make things up. I’d prescribe a 2 week break to reconsider your presence on this forum. You’ve consistently shown a low level of maturity beyond your grammatical errors that could be solved by turning on spellcheck. You grandstand and often make large unfulfilled claims that aren’t pertinent. To expect us to do simple things for you is simply entitled. You were already on the vex forum. That means that y ok were 5 clicks away from by our answer. @Illyana I’d recommend you read this thread. I’d like to hear your input on this issue if it isn’t too much trouble. Thank you!


Honestly… I think both sides need to chill it and this is a moment or situation that both sides can learn from.

To be fair to Cooldude, the question is not offensive and there is technically nothing wrong with the question. Yes, it is vague, and yes, we generally expect more from seasoned forum users, but there is still nothing wrong with the question.

But what @Sharky_do should learn from this incident is that you just can’t keep crying wolf.
Every time that you cried wolf, something will be deducted from your “social credits”.
And when it reaches zero or negative, don’t expect any favour from anyone.

As for the rest that was bashing him - come on… it is a valid question.
Imagine if you ask your teachers some really basic questions, I think you would still expect the teacher to reply you in a proper manner?

And that’s call professionalism.

And this is something that maybe some of you might want to think about?

And something that I learnt since young in church - don’t let someone else sin become yours.

You do what is right… regardless of the person’s behaviour towards you.


One of my students recently told me that his friends banned him from their chat. I just told him that if you want better friends you have to be a better friend. There is no way that he would get banned for being polite and funny. That’s not how the world works.

I’ve flagged the OP a number of times and it is always for not following the rules of the forum. My number one reason for flagging posts is that they are off topic or do not add to the conversation. I only actually post about 25% of the time when I start typing a post. Before I post, I re-read the previous posts and I think to myself:

  1. Does this add to the conversation?
  2. Is it helpful?
  3. Is it unique?

If I realize that what I am saying is not actually going to be useful then I just delete it. If everyone followed the rules many threads would contain just as much useful information but be half as long. Unneeded posts on the forum make good information harder to find.

For instance, take this thread and the first post.

The category is wrong. This is not for V5 technical support.

The subject, “Is V5 too expencive” does not actually summarize the post. Maybe try: “Curious about the overall cost to upgrade from IQ to V5.”

And grammer and spelling are important. If anything, it shows that you care about the quality of your reputation and of the overall quality of the information on this forum.

You are free to speak, but you are not free form the consequences of your speech. If you put effort into posting thoughtfully, then your comments will be appreciated.

And the fact that DRow has to moderate this forum is a waste of a talented person’s time. If people would follow the rules, then DRow would be able to do more important and interesting things. Of course, moderation is an important part of any public forum, but let’s try and create as little work for him as possible. It’s not DRow’s job to moderate the forum as long as people on that forum simply follow the forum’s rules.


If it is a joke, then it is of bad taste.

And did you realise that these are statements that will not help you to make friends or put you in good standing in the community?