Is VEX AI still a thing?

VEX had an AI division in the 2020-21 season but since then never really had AI in any competitions. Didn’t see the AI game in the new season releases, does this mean the “official” end to the AI games?


I think I read somewhere towards the beginning of the game manual that said that they would release the rules on this later on.

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I’m almost certain there were precisely zero VexAI competitions for Spin Up


I asked a couple of people here at WORLDS (with the AI field set up) and they all said that it’s probably not going to happen this year.

That’s for VEX U. Might be for AI too, and I thought that as well at first.


This saddens me greatly. The challenge seems much more interesting to me, and the bar for entry is low, given the limited number of teams competing and the relative inexperience of many of us. I suppose it makes more sense for projects using full closed loop programming and no user interfacing to be just fun side experimentation rather than a competition, especially given access to sources like openCV but still.


Hmm…I wonder if I read it wrong. I will check it out again later.

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Well, there is mention of VEX AI in the game manual.


So I didn’t read it wrong?

On page 9 the game manual mentions Vex AI and says the rules for it will be released in an upcoming update in Appendix D. This was the only mention I could find in the game manual, but it’s more then last year.

The same table in the Spin Up game manual:

This same table in the Spin Up game manual has Vex U instead of Vex AI, so I’m assuming this may mean Vex AI is coming back this year, but I won’t get my hopes up. (It’s also weird how they removed Vex U from the table)


Really hoping to see a comeback for VAIC. We would certainly participate if it occurs and isn’t insanely expensive to register.


Comes in an update of the manual

VEX AI is still a thing, more information for this season will be coming out shortly.


Will members of a VAIC team be able to simultaneously compete in VRC if they’re eligible?

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My understanding is that VAIC is a separate program from VRC…

Now equipping for two programs is challenging to say the least.

4 Likes The chart in page 16 shows Vex AI as an event type


I know it’s been a while since you said this, any new info on vex AI for this season? I was really looking forward to it.

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Personally, I will continue to assume that VEXAI is not happening in [current season] regardless of statements made by VEX, until the required sensors are up for sale and begin shipping. Its been a pretty reliable strategy so far.


Check out the new Appendix D in the game manual :eyes:


I am a VEXU competitor and in contrast to VRC, we have a 45 second autonomous period. At our last competition the Emcee was making jokes about people asking when we would actually ever get a real VEX AI Competition and he said “we wont get AI competitions until VEX U teams use the entire 45 seconds.”
Obviously, the emcee does not have any authority behind this statement, but I feel like there is some. truth behind this statement as well. I wanted to host a vex u competition at our university and have an unofficial AI bracket after the competition just for fun, but after gauging interest with other universities, they did not want to make an AI for their bots.
As far as I am aware, BLRS worked on some framework stuff for making AI competitions possible and I plan to work on some stuff as well, but it takes people who already have a bit of knowledge in the field to create the infrastructure before more teams will adopt the idea that they can do it. I think before AI competitions will become a reality, there will need to be a lot more resources on AI freely available and there has to be several teams who decide as a group that the time to start playing the AI game. Otherwise there will never be a competition.