Javascript support for vex IQ

Javascript Support for Vex IQ

Hi I’m Zach. I’m currently in 7th grade and I was wondering if there are any NPM packages or GitHub repos I could clone to access any of the robot’s apis.

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Javascript is an interpreted language, and so you’d probably have to port something like V8 to the IQ brain and add hooks to access the API. And since V8 is quite a memory hungry JIT, it could be tough, if not impossible, to do that on the IQ brain. It would probably be best for you to just learn a different language, like C++ or Python.


I agree, also if you are looking into a future as a robotic engineer, then you should get used to languages such as python, C++ and Raspberry Pi

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That’s my favorite language.


Could I possibly just upload machine code that has been interpreted by node?

Something Like This:

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  2. Probably not, unless that machine code happens to be compiled for armv7a-none-eabi. JS bytecode is not machine code, it is code that is JIT compiled by a JIT compiler to be run on the current platform.


Node and v8 won’t even fit on the iq brain, considering it has 128kb of space. Node is probably around 20-40mb. It will be a waste of your time trying to figure out how to use javascript for this. I guess you could write something that translate javascript into c++, but by then you’re writing your own v8, or compiler.

It already seems like you’re far above the average vex iq skill level, considering you’ve even touched a terminal (also is that zsh?). Go download vexcode. You can either use python or cpp. It will take some time to adjust, but you’ll be fine. The level of programming needed is very little for iq. Your robot build will matter much more than your programming. Worlds level programming in iq is really just PID.


Just to note there is no Python for IQ in VEXcode at the moment, but C++ is absolutely an option and it definitely makes sense to learn this for IQ.



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