John_TYler's Dead Reckoning CPP PID Example program

2 years ago, John uploaded an example program for PID. I tried following the example but in Robot Mesh, several problems occurred like setVelocity is not a function in the drivetrain. Was there any updates to Robot Mesh that could have messed up the example?

Here is the link for that Forum John_TYler’s CPP example

Yes, there have been a couple API changes since then. Here is a drivetrain example in Blockly that should work:


CPP would be nice, since that is what I am programing with

change setVelocity to setDriveVelocity or setTurnVelocity depending on where its used.


Thank you but my friend help me with this

If it is a year or two after this comment, then you should check with Robot Mesh to make sure there was no updates that messed with the API for PID before following the instructions