Joystick locking up

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Hey guys - 30 VRC teams this year using RMS-Python from the start. You guys have been great.

Just wanted to drop you a note though - we had a handful of teams in the US Open and three of them experienced their joysticks locking up. It happened occasionally early in the year, but hasn’t happened since likely December-ish. I thought it was odd that it happened three times (only once to three different teams). All teams are updated to 1.0.6. Happened during driver control. All three had to hit the reset on the back of the controller and then were able to continue.

Thoughts? Programming issue? RMS Issue? VexOS issue? Coincidence?

You wouldn’t happen to have the programs that they were using, by any chance?

I’m not sure which project they were using, but I’ll see the teams tonight as they prepare for Louisville.

They have their code all local now though using the Desktop since there was no wifi in Iowa.

And yes, the Desktop was also updated right before we left for iowa. :slight_smile:

Well, with some of the kids in our basement now (yes, when they aren’t doing robotics, they hang out :slight_smile: ), I just asked and we have bits of four different teams here and they all said that they had the issue. One of them said that they had the issue twice in one match.

The controller completely freezes and your only option is to use a tool (or in one case I saw one of the students use the end of her shoelace) to reset the controller.

Send me the programs when you get a chance. We haven’t seen that one in testing.

I would check the programs or at least do a double check on each of the codes. Sometimes, errors can be found by having a code a step or two late in the programming placement

Good point. I’ve also seen robot code “lock up” when you send a command to an encoder-equipped device in a way that has the code wait until its done. This can happen in autonomous (programming skills) when the robot is told “go forward 25 wheel rotations” but the robot hits an obstruction and the encoder never gets to 25. Not sure this happening here, but I have seen it before.

Yep, I’ll have a few of the teams make sure that their online code is up-to-date, then make it public, and DM you the links. Maybe they all have something in common that is making it happen - I, honestly, haven’t really looked myself yet.