Jumper Clips Legality?

The past couple years I have been using jumper clips to select an autonomous.

However, it was recently brought to my attention that on the sales page, they are only listed for cortex.

Per R6 b:
Electronics from the VEX Cortex control system are not permitted

I think then that these would not be legal. We haven’t been called R6 at any of our competitions but have never made it to worlds so I’m not sure if they would call it then.

Am I correct that they are not legal? Should my team find a different route to choose autonomous so we don’t get R6 called on us?


Similar discussion here.
Could be just an oversight and needs the V5 flag adding to the website.


I guess they’re not legal then (though it does not make sense). We’ll have to find a different way to select for autonomous. Thanks!

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Take a look at this thread if you need auton selector ideas


Silly, but you could just install a bumper or limit switch with the button pressed – would do the same as the jumper clip (for >25x the cost.)

There are lots of autonomous selection options that have been posted here over the years. Dig a bit an you might find one you like. Search results for 'autonomous selection' - VEX Forum

Touch screen on the brain is the most flexible: Search results for 'walsh brain button' - VEX Forum


@Andrew-GOATS made the following statement:

Factually, Andrew has inspected for our events, and has been referee for events. While I do not know of specific jumper situation, we have had to delve into some specifics of Game Manual specifications that relate to what is on VEX web site… once had to deal with team who had hugely long zip ties (2’ long-ish …) to act as backing for guiding of game objects (not even close to wire management use case).

There are many sources of frustration with what items are permissible - that is a good thing as the program grows.

However, I am with @jpearman @Foster we need to simplify some things so it is clear for teams with tons of scraps in boxes (trust me QCC2 wanted all of our clutches!!! those springs are like gold!) and, more importantly, make inspection simple without having to look up every VEX SKU and also keep novice teams engaged.

I hope jumpers, and functional replacements (read bare wire to short two pins…) are permitted moving forward.

As others have mentioned - many other means exist… but sometimes the simplest (an electronic short/switch) is the most elegant and least likely to fail…
(autonomous selector program on brain where team could not tell difference between red/blue alliance… hoops)

(team was blue alliance but picked red side auto… back flip on field perimeter… )


They aren’t strictly illegal by the word of the manual, i.e. aren’t in the list of banned Cortex parts. But also aren’t strictly legal by the V5 product line rule.