I assume everyone knows by now that Karthik has left Vex, so it may be a bit of a lag in getting “official” answers to Crossover questions until his replacement is named.

I wouldn’t assume that there will be a lag. Karthik was a key element, made huge contributions to Vex, and is a great role model for both roboteers and mentors. But there are others that can step up.

“And as far as Q&A’s go, your questions will still be answered in as timely a fashion as possible. Please bear with us over the coming days as we transition that responsibility onto a different member(s) of the GDC”

Just going with what DRow mentioned.

They recently commented that the VRC forum would be caught up on Friday. Hopefully we will get the same treatment over here!

Just got some rulings. Some are interesting…!!!

Yep, the seven ring starting points isn’t an issue, we have had that type of thing in VRC most years.

Not that my opinion really matters, but I like it. I’ve been working in a camp with kids for a couple weeks and the reaction has been pretty interesting.