Kinda scummy skills strategy legality

So theoretically, if you shot out a bunch of disks right by the match load loader, could you later come over and have your team load them as match loads

No. Disc shot out of feild go back closest to were yhey exited the feild. Also its a waste of time your not gonna post a very good skills score if this is your strat

Intentionally shooting disks outside of the field is illegal if that’s what you mean by this.

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I’m a little confused by this question but I’ll take both interpretations into account.

Either you are intentionally shooting discs outside of the match loader or utilising it very efficiently.

In the first case, that is prohibited by the game manual to intentionally shoot discs out of field. Which leads to the second point.

Vex Spin Up 21417A 518 Official Skills 5th in the world - YouTube Just look at that! Why shoot discs out of field when you can utilise existing match loads so effectively??

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I think the ref would be the only person to put the disks into the field so technically no.

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But that’s purposely shooting out the field, which is illegal…?

Have you considered rule SG9 in the game manual?

Also, this post probably applies, too: Legality of commercially available electronics - #8 by kmmohn

If you mean that you would pick up the discs from the field and match load them, no you cannot do that. You only can match load the given number of match loads for skills that start outside of the field at the beginning of a match. Reading the game manual should help with any further questions like this

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No, intentionally shooting discs out of the field would be a violation of SG9.

Additionally, discs the leave the field near the loader don’t just “become match loads” – they get returned to the field by a referee, just like any other disc that leaves the field.