Legal plastic from previous game

GDC has just ruled you can use plastic from VEXIQ Bankshot game. By extension, the ruling makes it clear if the plastic meets the robot rules regarding plastics it is ok to use.

I got this one wrong when answering the question about using Turning Point Flags in this years game.


I think the flags are a legal thickness for VRC but the platforms are too thick, cool to have a use for some of the old game elements though.

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I might totally scavenge some flag lexan. I knew it was legal because it was the same thickness, but, not having any lexan (I know, shame on me!), that flag pecan could be spectacular. I just have to be careful not to use too much.

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I love this ruling!

This will be very helpful for teams who want to recoup their investment (or help the environment) by reusing previous seasons’ field elements, as well as those who just want something more unique on their robot.

I assume teams would still need to take precautions to prevent the flag plastic from interfering with the vision sensor, though, in case the sensors confuse the red and blue plastic with the colored tiles and protected zone barriers, or confuse the green plastic with the green cubes (although there’s only a small amount of green plastic).

(I suppose the white V might be confused with the white lines on the field, but this may be less likely.)


But you could only use 1 flag because of the “single sheet” rule, right?

not really, you would have to demonstrate that it could have been cut from a single sheet. I hope I remembered that correctly.


I wonder how easily the coloring on the flag comes off, and what the best way to remove it would be.

If I had one here i’d try the solvents in my shop. I’m certain an orbital sander would make fast work of the paint if you are willing to have opaque plastic.


Using heat (and a scraper if some sort) would be my first guess. Or just cover it with your own emblem.

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