Legal String

I have searched on the forum and am wondering what string is legal other than the VEX string? Like is there any, and if so is there a specific diameter?

There are some posts somewhere on the forum from a while ago. The string doesn’t have to be absolutely identical to the vex string. For example, braided and other styles are OK. But I think it’s not supposed to be any stronger than the VEX string, or something like that. Try running searches on Google, using site:vex along with your other search criteria. You should be able to find the posts.

From the Game Manual (Please read it thoroughly before asking questions. Many of your answers are there!)

This one is an oddity, though. It’s been written that way for a while in the rules, but the Q&A and RECF officials have allowed for much more flexibility in choices, partly because it can be very hard to buy exactly the same rope.

Don’t nitpick without specific details. 1/8" braided nylon rope is pretty clear :slight_smile:

Seriously, start with the obvious - then find all the variants…

I remember reading a thread somewhere from starstruck that 3mm string was also legal (as 1/8" string is harder to come across internationally)

Any 1/8” (or 3mm) braided nylon rope is legal, as long as it’s braided, nylon and the correct size then it’s legal, braided nylon paracord is legal for example.

Yes last season I had this ruled on, note that the game manual now has:

while describing the rope.

I’m not trying to nitpick the details. People have complained about difficulty finding the equivalent in the past. VEX has specifically come out and said finding 100 lb rating may be difficult to find so don’t sweat it, which is why the rule allows for other breaking strengths, making the 550 lb of 1/8" paracord legal, for instance. 3mm has been permitted because it can be hard to find 1/8" in countries not using the imperial system.

For reference, here is one with answers for both 2010-2011 and 2011-2012:

Perhaps more specifically, what is regularly available in the US is paracord. Type III paracord is pretty close. Is it 1/8"? Some of it is closer to 4 mm than 3.18 mm, though the commercial stuff should be close to 1/8" while military is thicker. Is it braided? If you look it up trivially, you’ll think yes, it is. But it’s actually a mix of braided and twisted. You have to go to other types of paracord to get only braided. So is braided with a twisted core legal? It was in 2015-2016, being ruled as braided:

So I fully expect type III paracord to be legal again, even though it’s braided with a twisted core, not just braided.

Ive had a Paracord with measurements not at 1/8" pass at a World Championship. Forget the kind I bought, but I literally picked it up at Lowe’s during practice

In the US, this particular string is UNBELIEVABLY easy to find. Go to your local Ace Hardware store or big-box home improvement store (Home Depot, etc.). Amazon also sells it from many vendors.

Which particular string? Type III paracord? Yes, it is. But therein lies the issue. By a strict reading of the VRC rules, type III paracord isn’t allowed. I spent so many hours trying to find commercially available string that fits a strict reading of the VRC rules and kept finding type III paracord. Then I found out that type III paracord has been allowed repeatedly. I was trying to save someone else the same headache I had by letting them know there has consistently been wiggle room allowed there, despite what the rules say.

Not paracord, just regular braided nylon rope:

Home depot:


Ace Hardware (example: their website does not show the 1/8" size, but my local store had lots):



Did you notice “Made from a nylon and polypropylene mix for durability.” I’m sure it would be allowed, but not by a strict reading of the rule.

You should come inspect at events :slight_smile:

My favorite nitpick at inspection is use of tape on surfaces that make contact with the game objects. Tape can be used for wire management, but not for making your surfaces “just right” to manipulate objects.

For the Home Depot link, I just grabbed the first product that came up in my search; if you do a simple search of any home improvement store, you will find MANY MANY different versions of 1/8" braided nylon rope, and I’m sure that one of them will acceptably fit the definition.

So I’m not sure how accurate this is to the rulebook, but my mentor has said that the exterior part of paracord is legal but not the interior. Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t know how true that is myself

That’s correct with a strict reading. However, if you check the rulings paracord has been repeatedly allowed.