Legality of commercially available electronics

We’ve found a commercially available global positioning system based on IMU and orthogonal encoders. And we are wondering whether it’s legal.

Given your team #, no is the easy answer. Though most would say read the rules.


No its not. But I have to ask, does your team really have $1,110 to drop on a sensor? Or $2,220 since you would want a spare?

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Even in VEX-U, the complete mechanical component is not legal. The electronics part (only) of the component would be legal for the current VEX-U rules.


I will supplement my above answer considering the tag VexU things will be different vs. HS/MS.

With VEXU 3d printing and manufacturing capabilities, you should be able to create the housings and create your own version with other electronics, possibly Vex encoders and inertial sensor, or other commercially available electronics if those would be better.

I know it’s a little mean-spirited…but I saw this comic on facebook earlier and thought of this, especially since it is so late in the season:


It must be the end of the season, you’re on a savage roll lately. :rofl:


We actually have our own self-fabricated positioning system lol. Just questioning about the legality of this cool stuff. NVM.

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