Linkage Joints

How are you planning on joining your four bars, RD4Bs, six bars, etc. together? I’ve heard a lot about using screw joints with nylocks, but that proved to be incredibly static and required much effort to move. Is anyone using axles? Any help is much appreciated!

We use the screw joints quite often, try not to tighten the nylocks all the way when using them as that will add quite a bit of unnecessary friction.

Screw joints with locking nuts are actually the best option, but they require a tiny bit of tuning to work properly. Here’s what I would do:

  1. If you’re really worried about friction, feel free to put a bearing flat on one or both pieces of metal.
  2. Insert the screw into the first hole, then put a keps nut onto the screw and tighten it, then put a plastic washer onto the screw, then insert the screw into the second washer. The joint should look something like the picture I’ve attached.
  3. Put a locking nut onto the screw and tighten until the nut is tight.
  4. Loosen the locking nut very slightly. It should be loose enough that there is minimal friction but not a lot of slop. This is the most common mistake: a screw joint with a lot of friction probably has an over-tightened locking nut.

Good luck!
17-7 Screw Joint.JPG

Thanks so much!