Lock up @ Download Step

Not a complaint, more of a troubleshooting compilation of what we’ve learned over the past year.

It’s infrequent, but sometimes RMS hangs at the “Download” step when going through a compile/download/run sequence with no feedback on what happened. The action button (Run,Build,Download) may or may not be grayed out when this happens.

I coach our teams to do the following and re-test between each step:

  1. Shut down VCS (if open) and any multiple RMS browser tabs.
  2. Unplug/replug the USB cable.
  3. Reload the browser window.
  4. Power cycle the Brain (full battery disconnect).
  5. Open a “stock” program from RMS, try to compile and download.
  6. Kill and re-open the browser.
  7. Try a different USB cable.
  8. Restart the computer.
  9. Try a different computer.

99.9% of the time one of those steps will clear things up and they’ll be back in business.

If #5 works fine, I tell them to back out whatever their last change was, even if it was comments, spaces, etc… There seems to be some situations where the upload fails based on content or format. I can’t quite pinpoint it though.

Any other tips on items that might interfere with RMS’s ability to open a port and talk?

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