Locked omni/Traction wheel alternative

So I have seen a couple of threads about Locked Omnis. However, using those kind of eliminates the advantages of omnis-being able to turn super precisely. So, I had an Idea. What if you set up a omni wheel in a h-drive sort of position- but instead of having the center wheel controlled by a motor, you have the center omni locked with a shaft locker. that way, the center omni can’t turn normally-but the little rollers can. With that, you can’t be pushed sideways, but you can still turn very precisely.
What do you guys think?

Oh! looks like some one also had that Idea! Darn It!

yeah it sort of worked but it prevented drifting which is actually noticeable when making turns. I’m not sure why I didn’t pursue the idea further, I think it might have had some downsides when driving but I don’t entirely remember.

could be a good experiment for you to try. if it works, then great, and if it doesn’t, at least there’s something for the notebook.


I’ve noticed that when your robot is fully loaded, you cant really drift due to the weight and friction

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uh an all omni change up bot should have no problem drifting, even when carrying a lot of balls. I mean drifting isn’t really a crucial part of driving, but when you get practice driving an all omni drive you end up taking advantage of the drifting nature of the drive to make efficient and smooth turns. At least I do.


this also wouldn’t really work with an x drive :grimacing:

That’s strange, my robots seem to lose their drifting ability once I add stuff on

It might be contacting a wheel or shaft, which would essentially lock it if bad enough.

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