Longest standoffs in VEX IQ

I know there are standoffs longer than 6, but I can’t find them on the VEX IQ products site. The longer standoffs seem to be at a premium with my teams this year. Am I missing something somewhere? After the long and busy week I’ve had, it’s highly likely. :slight_smile: Thanks!

There are definitely 8x standoffs, but I don’t know that they’re currently available for purchase from VEX outside of the Gen 2 competition kits. That said, I’ve just gone through and sorted our club’s whole IQ parts inventory and we are lousy with 8x standoffs, mostly because there were large numbers in previous year’s field elements (Rise Above in particular, I think), so you may be able to source some from other local programs.


The 8x Pitch Standoff (228-XXXX-1061) is the longest VEX IQ Standoff. This is available in the Gen 2 Competition Kit and was also available in the Rise Above Game Kit.

In a pinch, you can use the 228-XXXX-109 Standoff Extender to make shorter standoffs longer.