Looking for new conveyor designs. Any ideas?

This is our current design and as you can see it doesn’t allow the disk to shoot but we had to move the conveyor system up so the disk would be shoot from the middle of the wheels for maximum power and distance. But since we moved it up the disk is now getting caught on the conveyor system so we some new ideas please.


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Hi there,

My best advice for for an indexer would be a pnumatic piston that just expenders to “punch” the disk into the flywheel. I have seen this work very well on teams in the past.

To use this conveyer design effectively, push the disc into the flywheel instead of pushing it through the flywheel like you are doing right now.

Right now it can’t shoot properly because the flywheel is shooting the disc into the flaps.

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I’d check out this post. I posted some good motor indexer ideas at the bottom of it. The design itself is also a really good starting place.