Louisville food that doesn't suck.

World’s is about 36 hours from now, and we all have to find somewhere good to eat. Somewhere that won’t give you a heart attack in 5 minutes would be nice. I’m here early so I already have a little input. The ‘Penn station’ restaurant I would rate about a 7.5/10. It wasn’t bad, but there are definitely other things that may be better. As a reference point I would rate McDonalds as a 5/10. If you have any info on where to eat and where not to eat that would be nice.:slight_smile:

Depends on where you are around Louisville and how far you plan on going…

I usually trust tripadvisor and yelp for cool places to eat. I have found some really cool places on my travels from those sources.

I like breakfast places so wild eggs looks interesting to me. Never been to Louisville before so it’s an adventure.

May be my staple food, I may just go around and see, I’m tempted to go to 4th live at night, I presume it’s similar to LA Live, so that may be fun!

Okay, we’re looking for a good pizza place. Not too greasy, maybe quasi-healthy-ish. I know that “healthy pizza” might be oxymoronic, but thought I’d ask. :cool:

Same for some Mexican food, too. If Taco Bell is rated a 5, I’m looking for a 9 or higher.

We stopped by Wicks pizza today. Its not the best I’ve had but its up there. Probably 8-9 if little ceasars is 5 and it wasn’t greasy. It wasn’t that cheap though. Fed 5 for roughly 7-8$ a person

I’m a bit disappointed in the food choices that are within a reasonable walking distance. In Anaheim, we had lots of choices without needing a vehicle…seems much more limited this year. We walked 2.5 miles today to small Walmart to stock up on some various things…then walked 2.5 miles back. In Anaheim, we would have found everything we needed within a block or two.

But, I am excited to see the Kentucky Expo Center…I’m sure it will be great, but I am quite disappointed in what Louisville has to offer for entertainment/dining (within walking distances).

Perhaps we were just spoiled by Anaheim and my expectations are too high though.

More too the point…the Cardinal Hall of Fame Cafe was delicious and decent prices for the quality. It is quite close to the Expo Center.

You could have taken the bus, it will save you way more money than renting a car for a couple days.

I guess the point is we are not renting a vehicle (for the sake of money). It’s just disappointing that you can’t reasonably walk to many places. It’s not the end of the world, just surprising there is such a lack of businesses near such a huge convention center.

Yeah Louisville isn’t very walking friendly… Food isn’t available for little ways away from the expo center, the expo center is like an island, the nearest thing is like some furniture supply store. There are no paths (unless you want to count the one cut throughout the grass) to the nearest restaurant (McDonalds). The main food areas seem to be off to the east, probably too far to walk.:frowning:

Thanks we’ll keep it in mind.:slight_smile:

From what I’ve seen, and previous experience. Panera Bread is always a great option for breakfast, it is also right outside of the Expo Center.