LRS 1 or 2 Driver Inquiry

For clarification on rule G7 for LRS, can we have only one driver doing the driving skills as long as he is the only one in the driver station? As per Driver and Team meeting Q&A earlier, it seems that there should be a driver and controller switch if the drivers are in the same physical venue.

Please advise as our team is scheduled to perform skills in 11 hours from this writing.



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@SCFarrell Thank you for your response, but which are your affirming?

  1. Only one driver in the driver station, hence no controller switching; or
  2. There should be controller switching if the 2 drivers are in the same physical venue

Appreciate your clarification.

Getting confused on which is permissible during LRS.

You are allowed 1 driver if that is what you desire. They can be the only one in the driver station.

If you have 2 drivers in the driver station, they need to switch.

The choice is yours.