LRS Inspection Time Slot Email

Hey guys, my mentors have been telling us that they have not yet received an email for our inspection. We have also apparently been getting our emails late, with our skills time slot email being received the night of the 5th. Have other teams received their emails yet?

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Nope. Not yet, but I was expecting it today. We’ll see.

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According to inspection information, we should have received it (for VRC worlds, both LRT and LRS) yesterday; they said we would get it 7-10 days before inspection day, but we have 6 days, and no email. So… it looks like they’re just late I guess?

We did not receive an email, but when I went back to the inspection document, it had been updated to include the inspection times for all teams. Here is a link to the inspection document.


Thanks for the help!

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