LRT Change Up - Scoring

Live Remote Tournament- In the attached image - how many balls are considered scored.
3 balls? Or 4balls? Or 5 balls?


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all of those balls are counted as scored.

it’s kind of weird, but balls only have to be partially within the 3D volume of the goal (with the exception of the top edge, they have to be completely under that) and not touching tiles outside of the goal.

so yeah you can just pin balls against the goal like that and they count as scored.


Thanks for clarifying. :+1:


369A’s robot :eyes: :eyes:


The undiscovered meta?!

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I’m not 100% sure that it would still count as scored. LRT9 says (emphasis mine):

And the note below says:

I don’t see how the scenario depicted above (at least with the top ball being held against the side of the goal) could be considered “inadvertent” contact with the ball. The robot is controlling the ball and purposefully holding it there.

I think that this rule is a bit too vague as it stands. It needs to include something about possession of the ball or about being able to remove the robot and still have the ball be scored.


Not undiscovered, holding balls in a goal for doubling is very common.


while it’s obvious that the intent of the rule is so that teams don’t have to worry about touching balls while goal doubling, we can’t make rulings off of what we think the gdc intends the game to be played, only off of what the rules explicitly say. As the rules stands right now, there is nothing that explicitly defines when a contacted ball wouldn’t count as scored, therefore it isn’t possible for a referee to accurately deem contacted balls not scored.

I agree that this rule should be rewritten to either define strategically contacted balls as not scored, or just say that contacting balls is completely allowed or intentional.

(or, in my opinion the best solution is to just say that balls have to be entirely within the goal to count as scored and that would solve a lot of stuff, but maybe that’s just what I would do)


“in my opinion the best solution is to just say that balls have to be entirely within the goal to count as scored”

I agree this statement.

In basket ball :basketball: - ball has to go through the hoop to get scored. Just touching / hitting sides of the hoop will not get anything.


This has come up in the Q&A recently: