LVGL Images and Drivers?

Hi everyone, it’s me again.

So I’m trying to make some imgbtns in LVGL using a micro SD card, but the imgbtns always just turn out as a white image that says “No data.” I’ve read that I need to set up a driver for LVGL to read the SD card, but I don’t know how to do this. Ultimately, I would like for it to pull images from S:/images/*.bin. Any advice?

Jpearman has done exactly this.
Search on the forum and you will find it.

If you’re referring to this post, I’ve already tried. Didn’t work, still showed “No data.” Even just straight-up copying it doesn’t work. The SD card is fine, I tested it last night by running DOOM on it.

It may have broken after the lvgl update to 5.3 that PROS did recently. Which image converter did you use ?

I used the old converter.

for the latest PROS kernel (3.2.0) I had to use the new image converter with these settings.

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Yeah, I just tried the new converter with C arrays and it worked. I guess that this was the issue, not the driver.

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